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Can you name the Rogueport Citizens in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door?

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A Bob-Omb Sailor who later stays at Keelhaul Key
Rattoey who tells you of Dry,Dry Desert
Toad who fixes recipes for Mario, Mario steps on her contact lenses.
Toads who run the shop.
Pirate who admires his Skull Gem
Person in charge of the bar
Toad who is always at the inn.
Goomba who joins you in Rogueport
Character who can upgrade your character's skills.
Goomba professor who tells you about the Thousand-Year Door and the Crystal Stars.
Bob-Omb Sailor who retired from the sea because of his wife's death
Guard blocking the west end near the Robbo leader.
Robbo leader who tells you how to get to the Pianta boss.
Pianta Syndicate boss who retires later, in charge of the Pianta Parlor
Character who tells you your next path, Star Pieces, or Shine Sprites
Character who will give you a charm.
Character who will give you badges in exchange for Star Pieces.

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