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Can you name the Pokemon X and Y Important Characters?

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Player's Mom
Professor of Kalos Region
Gym Leader of Santalune City
Journalist from Lumiose City
Professor's Assistant
Professor's Assistant
Boss of Team Flare
Popular Movie Star, Kalos Champion
Lowest Class of Team Flare
Gym Leader of Cyllage City
Gym Leader of Shalour City
Guy in charge of Tower of Mastery
Gym Leader of Coumarine City
2nd lowest class of Team Flare
Team Flare member at Kalos Power Plant
Gym Leader of Lumiose City
Lumiose City's Gym Leader's younger sister
Gym Leader of Laverre City
Scientist at Pokeball Factory
Scientist at Pokeball Factory
Team Flare Scientist at Frost Cavern
Gym Leader of Anistar City
Said to be related to King of Kalos long times ago, retrieved his special Floette again
Team Flare Scientist who revived the Ultimate Weapon
Gym Leader of Snowbelle City
Elite Four of the Blazing Chamber
Elite Four of the Flood Chamber
Elite Four of the Ironworks Chamber
Elite Four of the Dragonmark Chamber
Famous Detective from Sinnoh
Girl from Detective Quest
Guy who puts you in Battle Chateau

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