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When Will is mopping the floor at the beginning of the movie his name tag identifies him as 'Bob' rather than 'Will'.1997
The climatic Venice sinking sequence took three weeks of filming with an average of nine hours per day. 2006
The bus scene at the end of the movie where the Principal is picked up was shot in Long Beach, California at Los Cerritos Park.1986
Max's play, 'Heaven and Hell', contains several references to Apocalypse Now (1979). 1998
The painting that Tommy's mother shows to Tommy, Jimmy and Henry, is based on a picture from the November 1978 National Geographic.1990
The brand of beer Eddie is drinking as he empties his septic tank is Meister Brau.1989
If Mary were to end up marrying Lloyd at the end of the film, her name would be Mary Christmas.1994
It took four months to assemble and combine archive footage of past American presidents from Franklin Delano Roosevelt to George W. Bush to create the televised warning .2007
General Ripper's paranoia about water fluoridation is based on a conspiracy theory by the John Birch Society, which was founded in 1958.1964
The dog 'Hercules' was an English Mastiff. 1993
Tarantino was quoted as saying that Butch is responsible for keying Vincent's car.1994
There really was a 'Dread Pirate Roberts' (Bartholomew Roberts, also known as Black Bart) who operated in the Caribbean in the early 18th century.1987
Although it looks thoroughly offputting, the faeces in the Worst Toilet in Scotland scene was actually made from chocolate and smelled quite pleasant. 1996
Brian Cox and Chris Cooper's characters are never referred to by name until the end credits.2002
The tattoo parlor in the movie is named after Emma Thomas, who is writer/director Christopher Nolan's wife and the movie's associate producer.2000
Owen Wilson says 'Who you tryin' to get crazy with 'ese? Don't you know I'm loco?' These are the opening lines to the Cypress Hill song 'Insane in the Brain'. 2001
Oliver Reed suffered a fatal heart attack during principal photography. Some of his sequences had to be re-edited and a double, 3D CGI mask was used. 2000
Every dish shown during the opening credits is eaten by a character later in the movie. 2004
The gun that Walter pulls in the bowling alley is a Colt model 1911 .45 caliber semi automatic handgun.1998
Leo Marvin is a psychiatrist whose kids' names are 'Anna' and 'Sigmund' named after the very well-known psychiatrist Sigmund Freud and his daughter, child psychologist Anna Freud. 1991
Brodie's shirt is the merged faces of three actors that tried out for the part of Brodie and didn't get it.1995
Jack Nicholson turned down the role of Johnny Hooker before Robert Redford changed his mind and decided to play it.1973
Everett's Mississippi correctional identification number is 9958-7715.2000
The quote 'No man is an island' which Will jokingly attributes to Jon Bon Jovi, was actually written by John Donne in 1624, in his work 'Meditation XVII'. 2002
When the Harveys are coming into dock at the end, one of the boats being stacked is the 'My Way.' My Way was one of Paul Anka's biggest hits, sung by Frank Sinatra amongst others. 1992
Tommy graduates Marquette University, which was Chris Farley's real-life alma mater. 1995
The joke with the elephant defecating while Edward daydreams was unscripted. The filming crew found it hilarious, and quickly zoomed out to get the whole thing.2003
When Mickey 'wins' a new trailer van for his mother from Turkish, he specifically picks out 'periwinkle blue' as the color.2000
Joe Sakic of the NHL's Colorado Avalanche appears uncredited during the hockey tryout scene.1996
P-Funk was not the first choice for the band at the party. Originally Nirvana was scripted to play, but they were too expensive. The Goo Goo Dolls were also considered.1994

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