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to have a nose ring
to have chestnut hair
to be in a good mood
to be round
to have hair (colored)
to be thin, slim
to have curly hair
made of wood
to be short/low (f object)
to be blind
to be deaf
to be funny
to be big (m. object)
to have earrings
to use a can
to be 60 or older
to be short
to be wide
to have a beard
to be short (object)
to have red hair
to be mute/silent
to have wavy hair
to wear glasses
made of cotton
to be narrow (object)
to not look one's age
made of plastic
to be big, fat
made of wool
to be tiny (object)
to have dark brown hair
to be short/low (m object)
to be light (f object)
to have straight hair
to be cute (f)
to be nice (f)
to be in one's 30s
to be on crutches
to have black hair
to be in a wheelchair
to be big, tall, high (object
to wear contacts
to look young
to be cute (m)
made of steel
to be long (f object)
to be heavy, big, strong
to be disabled
to be tall
to be oblong
to be made of silver
to be nice (m)
to be bald
to be quadriplegic
to be heavy (object)
to have brown eyes
to have sideburns
to be big (f object)
to be in a bad mood
to be long (m object0
to be average height
to be square
to have a mustache
to be pointed (object)
to be paralyzed
to be light (m object)
to be in one's 20s
made of gold

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