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Forced Order
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HintAnswer w/ Accents
by the way
It's got nothing to do with me
tell me something I don't know
not bad, quite a bit
inexpensive, cheap
to make it a long weekend
to look (like)
oh really? I see
and that's not all; and so on..
(turns statement into question)
you know the routine
for example, such as; oh my, well really!
there is, there are
all at once
let me see
bless you
oh well, too bad, tough
at the same time
can you imagine?
right away, immediately
phone call
moreover, might I add, anyway
of course
that is, i.e., I mean
how's it going? I'm fine
of course, obviously
it's necessary
in a moment, a moment ago
here we go, and we're off
let's go!
just in peace
I can't take it anymore
watch out, be careful
you're welcome
never mind, it doesn't matter
no way!
absolutely, exactly
HintAnswer w/ Accents
nothing to do with
I love you
there is, that's it, there you have it
ok, that works
France's motto
to be ____ing, in the middle of...
as usual
it is
well, I mean
There's nothing that I can do about it
seriously, all kidding aside
as, while
thanks to
not that great, nothing special
it doesn't matter, no problem
in my opinion
in fact
a glance, quick look
anyway, really, finally
at most, in a pinch
you never know
instead of, rather than
let's get back to the subject at hand
and so on and so forth (yada yada yada)
about, nearly approximately
if you will
something's amiss
content, comfortable, at ease with oneself
Happy birthday!
Good riddance!
or even, if need be
Enjoy your meal!
it's all the same to me/ I don't care either way
if it's not too personal of a question
right? isn't that so?
HintAnswer w/ Accents
at dusk, twilight
speak of the devil (of the wolf)
all of a sudden
on the contrary
Long live France!
and that's not all
Shall we go? Ready?
whereas, on the other hand
it's worth it/It's worth a shot
I can't believe it!
not/none at all
the more things change...
to be worth it
It's not terrible
to make a decision
oh dear, oh no
no problem
not at all
wow, by the way
it is
seriously, all kidding aside
because of, due to
it's just as well, even better
good value (for the money)
I'm on my way!
the rat race
as a result, suddenly
to give something, to let off easily
can we use tu?
indeed, that's right
guest what, get this; just imagine..

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