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Date Eventhints
1607first settlement in America
October 19, 1781
April 1775battles of Concord, Lexington, and Bunker Hill
September 3, 1783signed between Great Britain and American colonies
May 25-September 17, 1783U.S. Constitution written
April 30, 1789
1791Federalist party and Democratic-Republican Party
February 12, 1809
1814composed by Fancis Scott Key
July 4, 1776
July 4,1824
1848karl marx
November 1860
April 12, 1861south carolina attacks fort sumter
April 9, 1965
April 15, 1865
186513th amendment
186814th amendment
187015th amendment
October 25, 1917
192019th amendment
October 31, 1922
May 30, 1922
October 24, 1929beginning of great depression
November 1932defeated herbert hoover
January 30, 1934head of nazi facist party
September 1, 1939britain and france declar war on germany
Date Eventhints
Summer 1940conquered by nazi germany
June 22, 1941
December 7, 1941US declares war on Japan
November 8, 1942
May 16, 1943
June 1943forces invade italy
April 28, 1945
June 6, 1944liberation of france against italy
August 25, 1944nazi german occupation
April 30, 1945
May 7, 1945end of WWII in europe
August 6, 1945Hiroshima, Japan
August 14, 1945WWII is over
1947first african baseball player for brooklyn dodgers
May 14, 1948sparked first of 5 Arab-Israel Wars
1947Truman declared US was leader of free world in Truman Doctrine
1949Chinese civil war ends with mao tse tungs communist seizing
June 1950North Korea invades Sounth Korea
195122nd amendment
November 1952commander of allied forces, nixon is VP
1954racially segregated schools are unconstitutional
1955refused to get her ass up
September 1957allowed 9 black student to go to school
October 4, 1957soviet union launches first satellite in space
1959fidel castro siezes power
1960defeated richard nixon
April 12, 1961Soviet becomes first human in outer space and first to orbit the earth
October 1962US and soviet union on verge of nuclear war
Date Eventhints
November 22, 1963
August 28, 1963called for racial equality in US
July 4, 1964outlawed racial segregation in the south
1965enforced the 15th amendment
1967first african american to US supreme court
April 4, 1968sparked race riots
November 1968eisenhowers vice president
1969president nixon
July 20, 1969neil armstrong michael collins and bud aldrin
197126th amendment
January 22, 1973states laws outlawing abortion were unconstitutional
August 9, 1974instead of being impeached for watergate scandal
April 30, 1975capital of south vietnam falls to communism
1976defeated gerald ford
1979became 'president' of iraq
1980defeated jimmy carter
1981first woman to US supreme court
1988Vice president of reagan
1989separated a divided germany
December 25, 1991economy was in ruins
1990-1991iraq invades kuwait
1992defeated bush
February 1999perjury and obstruction of justice. acqutted by senate
September 11, 2001New York City and DC
October-December 2001
March 2003overthrow government of Hussein
December 31, 2006guilty for murder of 148 unarmed civilians
November 4, 2008first african president

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