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Can you name the facts about the show Drake and Josh?

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When Papa Nichols breaks Eric's cell phone, where were the pictures on the phone that got deleted taken?
In the storm episode, what does Drake's friend have tattooed on his chest?
Finish the Megan quote: 'Why was your door under my _______?'
What show did Helen star in when she was a child?
What is the popular Chinese restaurant that Drake and Josh like to eat at?
Who has a restraining order against Josh?
What gift does Walter buy Audrey that she already bought herself?
What random object is floating down the hall of Drake and Josh's school with a secret message from Craig to Drake attached?
Who was washing their feet in theatre 7?
What did Gavin have to scrape off the wall in the bathroom?
What was the name of Drake's girlfriend that kept hitting on Josh?
What was the name of the girl that Drake was tricked into marrying?
What is Megan's hamster's name that Drake and Josh thought that they killed?
What is Walter's occupation?
What was the name of the roller coaster that Drake and Josh sneak out to ride?
In the Peruvian Puff Pepper episode, what continent does Drake mispronounce?
In Paging Dr. Drake, what does Josh drop on his foot?
In Foam Finger, what does Megan throw at her brothers causing their first ever fight?
Who is Drake's girlfriend that he feels threatened by because of her strength?
When Josh dresses as Albert Einstein for Megan's class, what do her classmates mistake him for?
What is Mrs. Hayfer's dog's name?
What is the name of the tow truck driver in 'The Wedding' episode?
Who said this quote: 'So I says to him, I says 'Hey Drake, nobody talks about my sister''?
What class is Drake about to fail that causes him to enter a dance contest?
What acronym is formed by the skydiving instructions in the episode 'Helicopter'?
What is Josh's alter ego when he writes for the school paper?

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