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Combined PlotFilms
Amanda Bynes dresses up as a boy to get into a sorority looked after by Tommy Lee Jones in an abandoned town filled with oddly lifelike statues
Five famous literary detective characters take a break to join up with Jason Statham in a dangerous competition and end up meeting the Rock as a Las Vegas cabbie
Clint Eastwood goes off to Hogwarts, where he learns a spell to force Harrison Ford to rob the bank that he's supposed to be protecting
Jennifer Lopez works as a cleaning lady in a Woody Allen film involving a rag tag group of misfit superheroes
The Robinson family travel out of the atmosphere, find Mel Brooks, and together must face Christopher Walken in a game of table tennis
Macaulay Culkin is stranded at his house and has to deal with supernatural powers in a world with no sun and evil leaders with telekinetic powers
Young girl falls down a rabbit hole, goes back in time and meets Jack Bauer as a vampire
Marlon Brando and Steve Martin fight to have the best wedding
Bill Murray has to relive the apocalypse over and over again, even James Bond can't help him
Frank Abagnale Jr. joins an illegal cross country car race, while a german girl struggles to collect money for her boyfriend
Combined PlotFilms
Christian Bale is tortured in Vietnam, has to endure zombies and Robin Williams reading poetry
Criminal mastermind George Clooney heads an undecided jury who are looking at the case of Cuba Gooding Jr., the Navy's first African American diver
Paul Reubens reluctantly takes up a job at a local amusement park for the summer, meets Little Foot and the gang
Antonio Banderas selects a mail order bride in Frank Miller's depiction of Rio De Janeiro
Various versions of Bob Dylan become oil tycoons become involved with a violent detective
Seth Rogen impregnates Vera Farmiga, only to learn she's married with a happy family and a basketball-inclined canine
Vin Diesel is stranded on a strange planet that features Patrick Swayze as a truck driver and Al Pacino as a bankrobber
Leonardo Dicaprio immigrates to New York, only to become entangled in a web of short romantic tales, including one involving Owen Wilson as an unwanted house guest
Nicholas Cage and a group of inmates take control of the president's plane, plans go awry when hijackers start receiving calls from their future selves
A small avian who believes the sky is falling is preoccupied by a beauty pageant and a self started 'crime scene' maid service

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