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Can you complete these clever Pokemon puns?

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I like to ______s off the racks in fancy hotel bathrooms.Normal/Flying / 2
I _____-ll in Ibiza...Fairy / 2
I _______ed out of my mindFire/Fighting / 5
Sequins look hideous on me, but I can ______-les.Rock / 7
I installed a security camera in case somebody ________-to our house.Fire / 6
______-body see my iPhone charger?Electric/Fairy / 6
Do the ______ leg!Poison/Dark / 4
Going once...going twice...SOLD to the ______ the blue sweater!Bug/Flying / 2
I wish my Volkswagen Beetle was electric, so then I could ______.Bug/Electric / 7
What part of a Honedge is the sharpest? ______!Steel/Ghost / 6
If you're lost and alone, and you're sinkin' like a stone, ______.Fire / 1
When it comes to climate change, it's either the _____!Ground/Flying / 5
Mom, I always tell you to turn the lights off to save energy, and you leave the-_______ reason!Fire/Fighting / 4
I like shorts, because they're ______ and easy to wear!Fairy / 7
I'm so ______, you already know...Ground / 2
Everyone dancin' ______-y, in the new old-fashioned way...Water/Fairy / 2
I'm pretty sure it counts as winning if your _______-es the finish line. Rock / 3
I went to Buckingham _______ it blew my mind.Ghost/Ground / 7
I _____ having a party...Normal / 5
...I want to come, but I ______.Rock/Water / 3
Something big is ______-ng.Normal / 4
I can't help it, I still get ______!Water / 4
______ little bit, ______ little bit of my love to you...Dragon/Ground / 4
I _______ you something.Psychic / 5
Sweetie, be careful when you rake the leaves—that _______-bout ten pounds!Dragon/Flying / 3
We need to _______ of their disease.Dragon/Ice / 5
When it's finished baking, that cinnamon _______ so tasty.Normal / 6
If I was you, I'd wanna be ________.Psychic / 1
Make sure you didn't _________-thing behind.Bug/Grass / 5
You guy-_________ hang out?Water/Flying / 5

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