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'On Wednesdays, we wear _____.'
'My father, the _____ of toaster streudel..'
'I was half a _____ when I met him!'
'The _____ does not exist!'
'I wish I could bake a _____ filled with rainbows and smiles...'
'I really wanna lose _____ pounds!'
'You could try _____.'
'You go, _____ _____!'
'Your face smells like _____!'
'That is the ugliest effing _____ I've ever seen.'
'Made out with a hot _____? Oh my God, that was one time!'
'Oh my God, _____ _____ I love your work!'
'If you're from Africa, why are you _____?'
'I mean that's just like the rules of _____.'
'Gretchen, stop trying to make _____ happen!'
'I hear she does car commercials... in _____!'
'Everyone in Africa can read _____.'
'Is butter a _____?'
'That's why her _____ is so big, it's full of secrets.'
'There's a 30% chance it's already _____.'
'Don't have sex, because you will get pregnant and _____.'
'Would you like us to assign someone to _____ your muffin?'
'I saw Cady Heron wearing _____ pants and flip flops...'
'We should totally just stab _____!'
'Your mom's _____ hair!'
'I'm not a regular mom. I'm a _____ mom!'
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