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Can you name the people / phrases that are actually alliterative?

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A: Star of movies like 'Enchanted', 'Doubt' and 'Julie and Julia'
B: Yogi's friend who often got in trouble
C: A famous soft drink - 'Open happiness'
D: The first state to ratify the constitution and its capital
E: Book by Gail Carson Levine or a movie starring Anne Hathaway
F: Star of 'Charlie's Angels' (1976)
G: A 2000-2007 TV show starring Alexis Bledel
H: Star of 'Mad About You'
I: City home of the '_ 500' racing event and it's state
J: A singer, recently famous for her 'wardrobe malfunction'
K: Another name for Santa Claus
L: Star of 'Charlie's Angels' (2000)
M: Walt Disney's signature character
N: Nominated for Oscars for roles in 'The Prince of Tides' and 'Affliction'
O: Newbury award-winning children's book by Kevin Henkes
P: A delicious dessert, generally served on Thanksgiving
Q: Marvel Comic character known as 'Kid Omega' and who appeared in the X-men comics
R: She has her own TV show and is famous for her simple and delicious recipes
S: 'Harry Potter and the _ _' (US title)
T: Singer; famous for her cover of 'Proud Mary'
U: A public college in a country in South America
V: 1982 movie starring Julie Andrews and James Garner about a woman who finds work playing a man
W: Song made famous by Louis Armstrong- '... and I think to myself, what a _ _'
X: Song title and singer of the song which opens 'The first day of the rest of my life/stand behind the mic like Walter Cronkite'
Y: A popular children's toy that works by going up and down repeatedly
Z: The youngest daughter in 'It's a Wonderful Life'; famous for her petals

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