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married to kim sa eun
elf stands for
last member completing his military service
part of the passion trio with tvxq's u-know yunho and shinee's minho
aoa knew everyone else's real name, except for his
real name: lee hyuk jae
super junior k.r.y. stands for these members' names
released a song called 'sweet dream' with min kyung hoon
true or false: super junior was meant to be a rotational group
korean studio album released in 2014
song featuring leslie grace
older sister named park in young
twice's momo #1 fan
most viewed mv (as of june 2018)
born on the first day of 1986
real name: shin dong hee
yelled out ''kangin we miss you!'' during performance of 'no other'
which member is currently inactive: kangin shindong eunhyuk
hosted a segment on 'strong heart' together
hometown: mokpo
discharged from military on 10 july 2018
almost lost his singing ability in 2007 car accident with other suju members
first member to enlist in military
bounty hunter in 'mamacita' mv
bartender in 'mamacita' mv
gambler in 'mamacita' mv
sheriff in 'mamacita' mv
wanted thief in 'mamacita' mv
blacksmith in 'mamacita' mv
fruit shop owner in 'mamacita' mv
bullfighter in 'mamacita' mv
deputy director of a bank in 'mamacita' mv
barber in 'mamacita' mv
number of members
subgroup that sings in mandarin
true or false: kyuhyun debuted later

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