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true or false: 'blackpink is the revolution' is in 'see u later'
originally from thailand
studied abroad in new zealand
appeared in hi suhyun's mv 'i'm different'
korean name: park chae young
fill in the lyric: 90s baby
who sings it? ^^
from what song?
tried to eat without making any sound but um..
was born in new zealand but was raised in australia
guess the song: 'would have, could have, should have, didn't'
birthdate: 3 jan 1995
all lead korean singles in order of release
lisa's full name
jisoo's full name
rosé's full name
jennie's full name
childhood friends with got7's bambam
cried on 'running man' when going through a haunted house
true or false: rosé is older than jennie
age order
yg princess
only member who can't speak english fluently
appeared in bigbang's taeyang's 'ringa linga'
true or false: jennie is the leader
guess the song: majimak cheoreom
fill in the lyric: hit you with that
wore a pink bob wig in 'ddu du ddu du' mv
model for nona9on
birthdate: 11 feb 1997
featured in bigbang's gdragon's song 'black'
mc'ed on sbs' 'inkigayo' with got7's jinyoung and nct's doyoung
true or false: blackpink debuted in 2017
fill in the lyric: make 'em
from what song?
who sings it?

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