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Who is Crota's father?
Where can you find calcified fragments?
Which faction has red & white colours?
Which exotic boots give a Hunter an additional jump?
Which exotic helmet makes Golden Gun only fire one shot?
Which exotic chest piece gives the Titan an extra grenade?
What is the name of the Ogre boss in the King's Fall raid?
Which exotic shotgun regains ammo over time?
What is the name of the Darkblade boss in the Sunless Cell strike?
Which strike boss 'has no house' and 'kneels before no banner'?
What legendary weapon does the Husk of the Pit convert to?
Which legendary sniper rifle drops from the Crota's End raid?
Which rocket launcher has Wolfpack Rounds?
What is the name of the Guardian outfitter?
What is the name of the Court of Oryx boss that is similar to Crota?
What is the name of the Queen's emissary in the Reef?
What is the name of the mission where you can get the Black Spindle?
On the mission 'The Dark Beyond', who do we wake?
What is the robotic Guardian race called?
Fill in the blank : Harrowed _______ Terminus

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