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Can you name the Top 50 Comic Book Storylines?

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Primary WriterComic Book StorylineFeatured Characters/Teams
Alan MooreRorschach, Dr. Manhattan
Chris ClaremontX-Men
Frank MillerDaredevil
Frank MillerBatman
Frank MillerBatman
Grant MorrisonSuperman
Marv WolfmanDC Universe, Anti-Monitor
Neil GaimanSandman
Mark WaidDC Universe, Magog
Art SpiegelmanVladek Spiegelman
Paul LevitzLegion of Super-Heroes
Scott Lobdell, Mark WaidX-Men
Marv WolfmanTeen Titans
J.M. DematteisSpider-Man
Alan MooreV
Geoff JohnsGreen Lantern
Roger SternAvengers
Mark MillarCaptain America, Iron Man
Stan LeeFantastic Four
Grant MorrisonX-Men
Chris ClaremontX-Men
Alan MooreSwamp Thing
Garth EnnisJesse Custer
Darwyn CookeJustice League of America
Alan MooreSuperman
Primary WriterComic Book StorylineFeatured Characters/Teams
Mark MillarUltimates
Brad MeltzerDC Universe, Dr. Light
Mark MillarUltimates
Neil GaimanSandman
Jim StarlinThanos
Neil GaimanSandman
Grant MorrisonAnimal Man
Jeph LoebBatman
Gerry ConwaySpider-Man
Mark WaidFlash
Grant MorrisonDoom Patrol
Geoff JohnsGreen Lantern
Garth EnnisJohn Constantine
Jim ShooterMarvel Universe, Beyonder
Jeph LoebBatman
Chris Claremont, Louise SimonsonX-Men
Walt SimonsonThor
Stan LeeSpider-Man
Alan MooreMiracleman
Joss WhedonX-Men
Grant MorrisonMister Miracle, Zatanna
Ed BrubakerCaptain America
Grant MorrisonJLA
Kurt BusiekMarvel Universe, Phil Sheldon
Grant MorrisonDC Universe, Darkseid

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