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Can you name the Zelda Dungeons by Goal?

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Dispel six barriers and ascend the towerOcarina of Time
Free Gorons and make a pillar fallOcarina of Time
Swing around over lava pitsWind Waker
Free your friend from captivity so he can plant treesWind Waker
Get chased by creeper hands while carrying around ballsTwilight Princess
Kill four Poes to re-light torchesTwilight Princess
Help a rude princess find her lost stoneOcarina of Time
Dispel four barriers and navigate the mazeWind Waker
Turn on a giant fan while resisting the urge to look downTwilight Princess
Play a song to make a boat take you to the bossOcarina of Time
Get keys from the gardens, ascend the towerTwilight Princess
Flood the place!Twilight Princess
Collect all three pieces of the Big Key from eldersTwilight Princess
Flip the whole place upside-downMajora's Mask
Turn switches to redirect water through pipesMajora's Mask
Get an item and wait seven years to be able to use itOcarina of Time
Jump from the top floor to break a webOcarina of Time
Come here early and play Metal Gear, come here later and play ZeldaWind Waker
Ascend nine floors, descend nine floors with a huge statueTwilight Princess
Change the water level and get lost a lotOcarina of Time
Free monkeys to help you reach the bossTwilight Princess
Open a statue's mouth to access the bossOcarina of Time
Transform poison into waterMajora's Mask
Be misdirected to a pumpkin rather than a keyTwilight Princess
Mind-control your friend to shine light aroundWind Waker
Destroy a giant pillar in the center of the dungeonMajora's Mask
Kill four Poes to re-light torchesOcarina of Time
Destroy the floor with a giant flowerWind Waker
Guide three statues back to their pedestalsWind Waker

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