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Can you name the Zelda bosses by their attacks?

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Forced Order
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Charge, fire ringTwilight Princess
Throw Ocarina of Time
Fire breathTwilight Princess
Electricity, spinning, mini minionsOcarina of Time
Fire breath, rollOcarina of Time
Floor breaking, peck, flyWind Waker
Fire breath, grab, punch, slapWind Waker
Sword attacksWind Waker
Magic orb, floor breaking, uber spellOcarina of Time
CrushWind Waker
Fire breath, magic ballTwilight Princess
Moonwalk, magic orbsMajora's Mask
Swim around randomlyWind Waker
Fire breath, bouldersOcarina of Time
Huge swordsOcarina of Time
Swallow, platform ramMajora's Mask
Magic orb, green lightningOcarina of Time
Fly around randomlyMajora's Mask
Mask minions, laser, magic orb, spinMajora's Mask
Sword slash, fire, bug minionsMajora's Mask
Spin, fall, dropping iceTwilight Princess
Run around randomly, fallTwilight Princess
Fire spell, ice spellOcarina of Time
Charge, giving birthOcarina of Time
Punch, spinWind Waker
Laser, giving birthTwilight Princess
Electric Triforce, sword stab, magic orbTwilight Princess
Sword attacks, kickTwilight Princess
Swallow, hitWind Waker
Fire breath, crushWind Waker
Sword attacks, magic orbs, fallTwilight Princess
Intense floggingMajora's Mask
Swallow, mini minionsWind Waker
Vomit, biteTwilight Princess
Charge, punch, grab, crushOcarina of Time
Charge, boulders, electricity, bombsMajora's Mask
SwallowTwilight Princess
Possess, fire, windWind Waker

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