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Forced Order
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'The dream of fun is dead.'
'I...I know you can do it! So...yeah! You've gotta do this! You're all Zelda's got! You've got to make this happen!'
'My hate... never perishes. It is born anew in a cycle with no end!'
'To face Demise and bring hope back to the land, the goddess Hylia needed someone with an unbreakable spirit. That someone is you, Link.'
'It started days ago. The sword that I've kept secret all these years... It began to give off a faint, otherworldly light.'
'But the past...oh, the past... So full of possibilities.'
'Anyone who blocks the path of true love deserves to be kicked by a bird!'
'That green uniform looks so...adventurous! You sure look like a knight now.'
'if i have the right of it, the mark you bear upon your hand is not just a fashionable decoration.'
'I think this is the end for me.'
'You're the real thing, boy. It's clear you have the spirit of a hero of the goddess.'
'His spirit must not reawaken. He must never be allowed to threaten the world again.'
'That house holds many dear memories of my family. I wonder when I will be able to go home. I really want to see my family again...'
'I dream of playing the part of the goddess at the Wing Ceremony! Just to have a romantic ceremony with the handsome, winning knight. Just once is all I ask.'
'...It's a secret to everybody.'
'Amazing, right? WRONG! It is BEYOND amazing!'
'Serving children is very low in my task priority!'
'Thank you, Master. May we meet again in another life...'
'There's an old saying that women grow more beautiful after their heart's been broken... And I fully intend to make myself more and more beautiful every day.'
'I can't imagine not having one. Oh, hey... I guess I don't have to imagine it, 'cause I lost mine!'

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