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QUIZ: Can you name the Majora's Mask Character by Opening Quote?

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'To the hero...who was transformed into a blue-eyed the realm of shadows... In twilight... ...This way...'
'Phew! Out at last! Gracious... Once I got in there, I couldn't squeeze back out! You were a big help... Thanks!'
'It is time for you to choose: surrender or die. Oh yes, a question for all the land and people of Hyrule... Life? Or death?!'
'Oh, hi, Link. I washed Epona for you! Epona is a girl too, so you have to treat her nice like one!'
'Your power is a gift given only to those with confidence to wield it.'
'...Midna? So, this is the one for whom you are searching...'
'Wait! Please, you must allow me to thank you for revitalizing both my people and this spring, which is the water source for all the lands of Hyrule.'
'Oh... Ah... The young human. I am pleased to see you make it this far, Brudda...'
'That is a Zora child! That is beyond my expertise! Hmmmph!'
'A dark entity lurks in the twilight... It houses an evil power...'
'ENOUGH! Is this young one such an imposing enemy that you must all gang up on him? I think not, Little Brothers.'
'Ah... I thought I felt a presence...but what a surprise to find a young human...'
'...Who? Uh... Sorry... I have sickness, uh... Come closer, uh?'
'I am...the last of the spirits of twilight... Hero... Chosen one of the gods... You have...done well to make it this far...'
'You there! You're Link, correct? Mmm, yes, I thought so. I could just tell, you know.'
'I found you! Oooh! Aren't you scary!'
'Cripes! I don't see those black brutes anywhere... They've gotta be hidin' somewhere, waitin' for their helpless little prey to come out! Then they'll FEAST!'
' careful... These woods...have changed... The dark clouds of dusk cover this land... This drape of shadows is called...twilight. In this twilight, those who lived in
'A sword wields no strength unless the hand that holds it has courage.'
'I follow the strongest is all I have ever known.'
'Hurrrm... I'm too old for this...'
'The sounds of the beasts...they've faded into silence...'
'We are safe as long as we remain in here, child. Be at ease.'
'Your people have long amused me, Midna. To defy the gods with such petty magic, only to be cast aside... How very pathetic. Pathetic as they were, though, they served me well.
'Ah! You are here at last! I heard that you might pay a visit, young human. I am farsighted in all things.'
'Wait... my spring... You have...been the power...of shadow... me... Beware...A shadow approaches...'
'H-Hey! Where did that ghost come from?! H-Hey! Don't just stand there! Get that ghost!'

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