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Earth SpiritDeity
Dragon Roost Island PolicemanRito
School of Joy TeacherHuman
Mail SorterRito
Wind GodDeity
Gossiping WomanHylian
Narcissical WomanHylian
Greatfish Isle Seed-SowerKorok
Dampa's MotherHylian
Deceased Sage of the Wind TempleDeity
Gossiping WomanHylian
Bomb Shop OwnerHylian
Ship Shop OwnerHylian
Triforce Chart TranslatorHylian
Rito ImpersonatorHuman
Windfall Island's Most Cowardly ResidentHylian
Star Island Seed-SowerKorok
Figurine SculptorHylian
Concerned RitoRito
Needle Rock Isle Seed-SowerKorok
Tingle's BotherHylian
Eskimo MerchantHylian
Bearded PhotographerHylian
Manager of the Boating CourseHylian
Gossiping GirlHylian
Depressed ManHylian
Member of the Joyous Volunteer AssociationHylian
Abe's WifeHuman
King of HyruleHylian
Action-Seeking GuardRito
Chieftain's BodyguardRito
Chieftain's BodyguardRito
Eastern Fairy Island Seed-SowerKorok
Sage of the Wind TempleKorok
Anton's AdmirerHylian
Burly SailorHylian
Deceased Sage of the Earth TempleDeity
Desperate BachelorHuman
Woman Who Can Carry Pots on Her HeadHylian
Rose's SonHuman
Tingle's BrotherHylian
Clipboard-Carrying RitoRito
Leader of the Killer BeesHylian
Shark Island Seed-SowerKorok
Protagonist's SisterHylian
Rito ImpersonatorHuman
Telescope-Owning ManHylian
Zill's FatherHylian
Outset Island FarmerHylian
Dragon Roost Island PolicemanRito
Rito PostmanRito
Missy's SonHylian
Manager of the Sinking Ships GameHylian
Sword InstructorHylian
Artistic SailorHylian
Notebook-Carrying Rito PostmanRito
Sage of the Earth TempleRito
Private Oasis Seed-SowerKorok
Advice-Giving FishFish
Leader of the RitoRito
Dancing ManHuman
Joel's BrotherHuman
Talking BoatHylian
Potion BrewerKorok
Orca's BrotherHylian
Princess of HyruleHylian
Protagonist's GrandmotherHylian
Water SpiritDeity
Rito PostmanRito
Windfall Cafe OwnerHylian
Wind GodDeity
Gossiping GirlHylian
Maggie's LoveMoblin
Member of the Killer BeesHylian
Leader of the PiratesHylian
Cliff Plateau Isles Seed-SowerKorok
Mail SorterHylian
Tingle's Foster BrotherHylian
Baito's MotherHylian
Abe's PetPig
Member of the Killer BeesHuman
Sky SpiritDeity
Prince of the RitoRito
Member of the Killer BeesHylian
Potion BrewerHylian
Avid WalkerHylian
Nintendo Gallery Club MemberHylian
Leader of the Great FairiesDeity
Poor Girl Who Becomes RichHylian
Rich Girl Who Becomes PoorHylian
Windmill-Intruiged ManHylian
Auction-Addicted SailorHylian
Mother and Child Isles Seed-SowerKorok

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