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Beth's FatherHuman
Sera's CatCat
Member of The Resistance Studying the DesertHylian
Goron PatriarchGoron
Light SpiritDeity
Lantern Oil SellerHuman
Owner of Ordon RanchHuman
Link's HorseHorse
Lake Hylia Cannon OperatorHylian
Giant OgreOgre
Purlo's FangirlHylian
Man turned into goldHylian
Light SpiritDeity
Castle Town BeggarHylian
Castle Town DoctorHylian
Purlo's FangirlHylian
Member of the Resistance Studying Owl StatuesHylian
Jovani's CatCat
Member of The Resistance Studying the MountainsHuman
Malo's MotherHuman
Fruit Flying Game ManagerBird
Self-proclaimed Princess of BugsHylian
Castle Town Shoe ShinerHylian
Castle Town FortunetellerHylian
Kakariko Village ShamanHuman
Flight-by-Fowl Game OperatorHylian
Deity Inside the Gale BoomerangDeity
Rusl's WifeHuman
Telma's CatCat
Owner of the Faron Woods ShopBird
Late Zora QueenZora
Princess of HyruleHylian
Purlo's FangirlHylian
Goron ElderGoron
Goddess of PowerDeity
Link's Sword InstructorMisc.
Colin's FatherHuman
Bartender & Member of The ResistanceHylian
Letter DelivererHylian
Light SpiritDeity
Link's Best FriendHuman
Imp in the Sacred GroveMisc.
Giant BoarBoar
Snowpeak Ruins ResidentYeti
Fishing Hole OwnerHuman
Hena's BirdBird
Zora PrinceZora
Light SpiritDeity
STAR Game OwnerHylian
Main AntagonistGerudo
Goddess of WisdomDeity
Protectors of the Mirror of Twilight, Zelda's TutorsMisc.
Sera's daughterHuman
Jaggle's SonHuman
Sundries Shop OwnerHuman
Renado's DaughterHuman
Helps Link WarpOocca
Goron ElderGoron
Boat Ride OwnerHuman
Goron ElderGoron
Only Resident of the Hidden VillageHuman
Resident of the Cave of OrdealsDeity
Helps Link WarpOocca
Rusl's SonHuman
Mayor of Ordon VillageHuman
Goron ElderGoron
Twilight Usurper KingTwili
Twilight PrincessTwili
Snowpeak Ruins ResidentYeti
Owner of the Bomb ShopHuman
Pergie's HusbandHuman
Goddess of CourageDeity
Castle Town ShopkeeperHylian
Talo's BrotherHuman

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