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Protector of Protagonist's Best FriendSheikah
Goddes of CourageDeity
Proprietor of the Lumpy PumpkinHylian
Mother of the Proprietor of the Scrap ShopHylian
Brave ChildHylian
Leader of the ParellasParella
Easily Flustered KikwiKikwi
Knight CommanderHylian
Desert DragonDeity
Treasure-Pursuing MogmaMogma
Proprietor of the Lumpy Pumpkin's DaughterHylian
Protagonist's Childhood Bully's LackeyHylian
Mysterious Beast Sealed in the Sealed GroundsN/A
Bug-Obsessed BoyHylian
Bomb-Loving MogmaMogma
Goddess of WisdomDeity
Proprietor of the Bazaar RestarauntHylian
Proprietor of the Scrap ShopHylian
Potion BrewerHylian
Friendly DemonN/A
Protagonist's Best FriendHylian
Headmaster of the Knight Academy's CatRemlit
Manager of the Clean Cut GameHylian
Traveling Archaelogist's AssistantGoron
Careless KikwiKikwi
Antique-Intrigued WomanHylian
Demon KingDemon
Mogma Harassed by BokoblinsMogma
Female Senior KnightHylian
Food-Loving ManHylian
Protagonist's Childhood BullyHylian
Loftwing-Loving WOmanHylian
Blue-Haired MogmaMogma
Boy Infatuated With the Proprietor of the Lumpy Pumpkin's DaughterHylian
Male Senior Knight Hylian
Opinionated Old ManHylian
Proprietor of the Gear ShopHylian
Great Spirit of the SkiesDeity
Thrill-Digger Game ExpertMogma
Item Check WorkerHylian
Animal-Intrigued Knight InstructorHylian
Kikwi HermitKikwi
Blonde MogmaMogma
Lunch LadyHylian
Ghost Haunting the Knight AcademtN/A
Her GraceDeity
Protagonist's BirdLoftwing
Timid Knight Academy StudentHylian
Demon LordDemon
Unrightful Captain of the SandshipAncient Robot
Loftwing-Loving ManHylian
Proprietor of the Rickety Coaster GameGoron
Imprisoned MogmaMogma
Spirit Residing Inside the Goddess SwordN/A
Scrap CollectorAncient Robot
Manager of the High Dive GameHylian
Proprietor of the Potion ShopHylian
Goddes of PowerDeity
Elderly Man Who Sits In The Bazaar's CafeHylian
Long-Haired MogmaMogma
Kikwi ElderKikwi
Volcano DragonDeity
Cowardly KikwiKikwi
Headmaster of the Knight AcademyHylian
Owner of the AirshopHylian
Protagonist's Childhood Bully's LackeyHylian
Plant-Intrigued Knight InstructorHylian
Handyman's WifeHylian
Relaxed KikwiKikwi
Proprietor of the Thrill-Digger GameMogma
Chore-Hating WomanHylian
Original Captain of the SandshipAncient Robot
Forest DragonDeity
Mogma LeaderMogma
Traveling ArchaelogistGoron
Greedy MogmaMogma
Treasure-Pursuing MogmaMogma

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