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BlacksmithTerminan Hylian
Star-Crossed LoverTerminan Hylian
GravekeeperTerminan Hylian
Stock Pot InnkeeperTerminan Hylian
Owner of the Magic Hags' Potion ShopGerudo
AstronomerTerminan Hylian
ThiefTerminan Hylian
BartenderTerminan Hylian
Cucco LoverTerminan Hylian
Captain of the Clock Town SoldiersTerminan Hylian
Clock Town Great FairyDeity
Leader of the Gerudo PiratesGerudo
MusicianTerminan Hylian
Bandleader and Pianist of the Indigo-Go'sZora
RancherTerminan Hylian
Protagonist's PartnerFairy
Leader of the Bombers' Secret Society of JusticeTerminan Hylian
CarpenterTerminan Hylian
Guardians of TerminaDeity
Drummer of the Indigo-Go'sZora
RancherTerminan Hylian
Storer of MoneyTerminan Hylian
Late Guitarist of the Indigo-Go'sZora
Great Bay Great FairyDeity
General for the Kingdom of Ikana's ArmyStalchild
Late Goron WarriorGoron
Deku King's ServantDeku
Vocalist of the Indigo-Go'sZora
Powder Keg DealerGoron
Composer BrotherPoe
Stock Pot Innkeeper's FiancéTerminan Hylian
Traveling GoronGoron
Stock Pot InnkeeperTerminan Hylian
Manager of the Swamp Boat CruiseGerudo
Inconspicuous SoldierTerminan Hylian
Woodfall Great FairyDeity
Deceased King of IkanaIkana
Inhabitant of the Fierce Deity MaskDeity
Storyteller's Late HusbandTerminan Hylian
Avid Collector of MasksTerminan Hylian
Daughter of the Leader of the DekusDeku
Deceased DancerTerminan Hylian
StorytellerTerminan Hylian
Princess of HyruleHylian
Immature CartographerTerminan Hylian
Stuck Inside of a ToiletUnknown
Bassist of the Indigo-Go'sZora
Horse TrainersTerminan Hylian
Mayor of Clock TownTerminan Hylian
Snowhead Great FairyDeity
Girl Living in Ikana CanyonTerminan Hylian
Twin DancersTerminan Hylian
Traveling Troupe LeaderTerminan Hylian
Manager of the Doggy RacetrackTerminan Hylian
Leader of the DekusDeku
Cursed GoronGoron
Possessed by AntagonistSkull Kid
Protagonist's SteedHorse
Ikana Canyon Great FairyDeity
Conducter of the Frog ChoirFrog
CarpenterTerminan Hylian
Clock Town PostmistressTerminan Hylian
Star-Crossed LoverTerminan Hylian
Protagonist's Partner's BrotherFairy
Manager of the Indigo-Go'sZora
Composer BrotherPoe
Honorable and Dependable Letter CarrierTerminan Hylian
Goron PatriarchGoron

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