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Song and SituationLocation
In 'Lost in the Flood', where do nuns run bald through?
What state is the next stop for the characters in 'Wild Billy's Circus Story'?
In what state does the narrator of 'Rosalita' know a 'pretty little place' in?
Where does the narrator of 'Mary Queen of Arkansas' have contacts?
In 'The E Street Shuffle', where does Little Angel hang out?
Where will there be 'action going down' in 'Incident on 57th Street'
Where is the beach that Terry and the narrator of 'Backstreets' slow dance in the dark?
Where do the characters of 'Jungleland' 'disappear down'?
What county line does the narrator of 'The Promised Land' drive across?
Where does the girl in 'Darkness on the Edge of Town' have a house?
Song and SituationLocation
Where does the narrator of 'Sherry Darling' have to drive Sherry's mother to?
Where did the narrator of 'Hungry Heart' meet his wife?
In 'Cadillac Ranch' where is Junior Johnson driving through?
Through the badlands of which state did the narrator of 'Nebraska' kill everything in his path?
In 'Johnny 99', where did they close down the auto plant?
Where did the narrator of 'Born In the U.S.A.' Have a brother?
In 'Spare Parts', where did Jane move in eith her ma?
In 'Gypsy Biker', where did profiteers sell shoes and clothes?
Where do the fluorescent lights flicker over in 'Girls In Their Summer Clothes'?
Where does the narrator of 'The Promise' drive a Challenger down?

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