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Song and SituationCharacter
Who did the narrator of 'My Hometown' lie in bed with?
Who did the cops bust in '4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)'?
Who works downtown in 'The Promise'?
Who did the narrator of 'Backstreets' become friends with?
In 'The E Street Shuffle', who 'steps the shuffle like she ain't got no brains'?
Who does the narrator of 'Mary's Place' have seven pictures of?
What is the name of the narrator of 'Highway Patrolman'?
Who did the narrator of 'With Every Wish' fall in love with?
Who does the narrator of 'Born to Run' want to 'die on the streets tonight' with?
Who does the narrator of 'Youngstown' tell that he is 'sinkin' down'?
Who does the narrator of 'I'll Work For Your Love' ask to pour him a drink?
Who does the narrator of 'The River' get pregnant?
In 'Incident on 57th Street', who 'drove in from the underworld last night'?
Song and SituationCharacter
Who died in 'Sinaloa Cowboys'?
Who is the narrator of 'Rosalita' going to pick up?
Who drove in to Darlington County with the narrator of 'Darlington County'?
In 'Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out', who is searching for his groove?
In 'Spirit in the Night', who ran into the lake in just his socks and his shirt?
Who rides from town to town with the narrator of 'Racing in the Street'?
Who is going to meet down at the Cadillac Ranch in 'Cadillac Ranch'? (Three acceptable answers)
In 'Jungleland', whose 'own dream guns him down'?
Who was a cautious man in 'Cautious Man'
Who had a baby in 'Spare Parts'?
Who did the narrator of 'You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)' call up on the telephone?
In 'Gypsy Biker', who is 'drunk and gone'?

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