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IU basketball trivia (If a number is less than 3 digits you have to spell it out, EX: 5 = five, 1940 = 1940

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Who is Indiana's court named after?
Who is Indiana's biggest rival?
Who was Indiana's last National Player of the Year?
What coach got fired in the 2007-08 season?
What coach took over that job for the rest of the season?
Who is Indiana's all-time leading scorer?
What is Indiana's student section called?
Before every home game, who sings the fight song while cleaning a hall way?
How many National Championships does IU have in basketball?
What year did IU get runner-up?
To whom did they get runner-up too?
How many teams are currently in the Big 10?
What is Indiana's fight song called?
Who hit a three pointer to beat #1 Kentucky on 12/10/11?
Who was Indiana's last one and done?
Who did IU lose to in the 2013 NCAA tournament?
Who hit the shot to beat Syracuse to win the championship in 1987?
Who did Indiana beat in 1953, to win the tournament.
What is the name of Indiana's basketball arena?
How many final four appearances has Indiana had in basketball?
Who did Indiana lose to in the 2016 NCAA tournament?
When did Indiana win it's first National Championship?
How many years did Bob Knight coach at IU?
How many draft picks have come from IU?
Where did Indiana star Isiah Thomas get drafted?
Which Boston Celtics legend was going to come to IU, but went to Indiana State instead?
What player transferred when Kelvin Sampson got fired?
When did Indiana make the Elite Eight last?
How many times has Indiana made the NCAA tournament?
What coach took over after Bob Knight was fired?
How many Big 10 championships has IU won?
How many times has IU won the Big 10 Tournament
Who did Indiana beat to win the NIT in 1979?
Who has the most assists in Indiana Basketball history?
Who averaged the most points per game in one season at Indiana?
In what year did IU go undefeated?
How many national players of the year has IU had?
Who did Indiana beat in the 1976 National Championship?
Who is Indiana's current coach?
When was Indiana's first season?

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