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What year did Columbus sail the ocean blue?
What is the sqaure root of -1?
NFL team with most super bowl wins
Dr. Jackel and Mr. _______?
What's the capital of North Dakota
The 'Show Me' State
Cincinatti Bengals back-up TE
Tyler Eifert's alma mater
Face on the $50 bill
The Big 8 formed with what conference to make the Big 12?
What is the name of the Panthers Stadium?
Who coached the Detroit Lions 0-16 season?
Kirby Puckett's cause of death?
SG Anthony Morrow's career high
What does NAFTA stand for?
Actor: Out of the Furnace, Zombieland, Hunger Games?
MVP of 2003 World Series
famous German wall
Hit 4 homers in one game for Dodgers in '02
UT QB whose name was not minor
NIckname for dude with bat on Inglorious Bastards
Alma mater of star Panthers DT and WR
Dragic's home country
Dragic's arch enemy
Historical letter deciphered by USA intelligence
Shool bus driver on the Simpsons
The red monster/doctor on Futurama
president follwing end of WWII
lead actor in The Rookie
he barely missed buzzer beater for Butler

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