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Goddess of the harvestMother of Persephone
God of wine. His followers are Maenads, Stayrs, and SilenusMother was mortal but he came from the thigh of Zeus
God of War. Patron god of SpartaSon of Zeus and Hera. Is Aphrodite's lover
God of the sky and ruler of the godsDefeated his father, the titan Cronus
Goddes of the hunt and virgins. Associated with the moon but not the goddess of itTwin brother is Apollo
God of the Earth (not just water). Uses a TritonBrother of Zeus and Hades
Goddess of marriage and fertilityWife of Zeus
God of messengers. Protected shepherds, travelers, merchants, and thievesSon of Zeus and a nymph
Goddess of wisdom and weaving. Patron goddess of AthensBorn from the head of Zeus
Goddess of beautyBorn from the sea. Mother of Cupid (Eros)
God of crafts. The only ugly godSon of Hera and husband of the unfaithful Aphrodite
Associated with light, truth, and music. Has the gift of prophecy and is the founder of the Oracle of DelphiTwin sister is Artemis

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