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In 1850, what state's admission was going to disrupt the free to slave state balance, requiring the Compromise of 1850?
What state virtually nullified the fugitive slave law?
Who gave the infamous 7th of March Speech, which the north was horribly upset with?
What book was the most effective piece of anti-slavery propaganda?
Which side, north or south, particularly hated the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
The New England Emigrant Aid Society sent 'Beecher's Bibles' to aid anti-slavers in Bleeding Kansas. What were the 'bibles' really?
During what year's Presidential Election do the Republicans realize that they don't need a single southern state to win the presidency?
In what state did Dred Scott sue for his freedom?
What were slaves defined as according to Supreme Court Justice Taney during the Dred Scott v. Sanford case?
During the Crash of 1857, what kept the south's economy afloat?
What doctrine did Stephen Douglas make that argued that local communities could deny slavery legally by not protecting it legally?
Who attempted to steal arms from the Federal Armory at Harper's Ferry to free the slaves?
How many main party candidates were there during the Presidential Election of 1860?
What state called the first secession convention in the south?
What compromise attempted to fix the country by calling for a constitutional amendment protecting slavery?

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