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QUIZ: Can you name the element based on clue? Clues do not refer to the chemical properties of the element, and are more name-based

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Midas loved this element
This element is from Deutschland
This element is red, white and blue
I wrap my sandwiches in this element
This element is named after a university
This element is named after a famous Danish physicist
You might call a boring moron this
This element has been blamed for the deaths of people like Napolean and George II, and if often associated with suicide
This element is named after an American state
You can get this element from milk
You'll find this is a swimming pool
Named after physic's first power couple
I got robbed today so I called this element
Named after perhaps the most famous physicist, known for his hair
Some elements are named after countries, this element took it a step further
You could find a variant of this element in your water, or your toothpaste
Cet élément est français
This element is often found at parties
Superman probably would not like this element
Chad Kroeger wants his back!
This element should win a prize
Geeks live in this element, and cougars inject it
This element goes on chips
This element is always second best
The smelliest element!
This element can block out the sun
A cheapskate fiancee might use this element
If only this element had a heart
This element appears in bananas
This element comes in credit card form
This element is all around you
Its getting hot in here? Or is it cold? This element will help sort it out
This element mainly exists in signs from the 1980's
Sorry Pluto, this element took your place
Used for treating bipolar disorder

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