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When segments are reordered
When consonants become phonated, often intervocalically
When consonants increase their sonority, often under the influence of other sonorous sounds
When consonants decrease their sonority, often to dissimilate segments or improve syllable structure
When consonants become fricatives, often influenced by palatalization
When consonants produce an /r/
When /l/ becomes velarized and often reduces to /w/
When a consonant becomes the glottal stop or the glottal fricative
When a vowel gets dropped at the beginning of a word, often in unstressed position
When a vowel gets dropped in the middle of a word, often in unstressed position
When a vowel gets dropped at the end of a word, often in unstressed position
When a repeated segment or syllable gets deleted
When multiple segments become one, often combining phonetic features
When a segment is added
When a vowel is added, typically to resolve consonant clusters or to improve syllable structure
When a consonant is added, typically to improve syllable structure or to bridge words
When a sound, typically a vowel, is added to the beginning of a word to improve syllable structure
When a sound is added to the end of a word
When a vowel changes into a vowel and at least one glide or semi-vowel
When a segment becomes more similar to another segment
When a segment changes place and sometimes manner of articulation due to the influence of a front vowel or yod
When a segment changes manner or acquires a coarticulation due to the influence of a dorsal consonant
When a sound acquires a secondary articulation at the lips due to the influence of a segment which also involves lip articulation
When two adjacent segments merge into one with features of both
When a consonant and sometimes a vowel loses its phonation at the end of a word
When a vowel changes quality under influence of a distant vowel
When two segments become more distinct from each other
When a vowel increases its duration in a response to the loss of another segment, often a following, word-final consonant
When a vowel experiences a lowered velum, often in response to a consonant with a lowered velum
When a vowel or suprasegmental acquires a defined relative pitch or pitch pattern, often in response to the loss of another distinctive feature
When a consonant is added word-finally after a vowel and before a word-initial vowel in the following word, most notably in French
When an /r/ is preserved or added between a word that ends in a vowel and a word that begins with a vowel
When a consonant undergoes a change specifically under the influence of its morphological or syntactic environment

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