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The class that Ted accidentally spends 20 minutes teach on his first day as a professorDefinitions
Robin's first boyfriendSandcastles in the Sand
The married woman that Ted makes out with at a Saint Patrick's Day partyNo Tomorrow
Marshall's boss at Nicholson, Hewitt & West, nicknamed 'Artillery'Chain of Screaming
The name that Crazy Eyes Chloe calls Robin on her way out of the apartmentSwarley
The censored version of the nasty name that Ted called Lily while she was awayHow Lily Stole Christmas
The girl Barney dated who jumped back and forth on the hot-crazy scaleHow I Met Everyone Else
The 'finest stallion' that Ted bestowns upon Barney before passing outThe Pineapple Incident
Robin's sister, Katie's boyfriendFirst Time in New York
Barney's son, as portrayed by GrantThe Stinsons
Barney's old flair, who teaches Ted how to do the Native American rain danceCome On
The public service website that deals with Canadian methods of procreationOld King Clancy
The canine that shows up to play in a kindergarten basketball gameMurtaugh
What Barney's mom ate when she was pregnant with BarneySingle Stamina
The place which Marshall was assigned to represent at Nicholson, Hewitt & WestI'm Not That Guy
The number of sung notes in the theme song jingleN/A

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