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Can you translate these phrases into Brazilian Portuguese?

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(Formal) How can I help you (masc, sing)?
I wish that I were rich (fem).
He wants us to leave the house now.
Don't forget (sing.) to do your homework.
(Formal) Could you (sing. fem) tell me a little about yourself?
Please don't eat (plur.) my cake.
If everyone helps, we will be done quickly.
I would like to order the chicken salad.
We have never met this man.
Be polite (masc. sing.) when you answer a question.
(Formal) Could you (masc. sing) tell me where the bus stop is?
I have many questions for you (formal, sing., fem.).
He wants her to be happy.
The doctor recommended that you (vocĂȘ) eat less and exercise more.
If we don't eat all of the cookies, the old lady will be offended.

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