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What guitar player ODed and died from barbiturates in 1970?
This holiday is created in April 1970.
What space mission was launched from Cape Kennedy in 1970?
What was banned from advertising on television?
Who won 7 gold medals at the Munich Olympic Games?
What attraction for children was opened in 1972?
What country was created in 1978?
This famous Australian landmark was built
This president resigned in 1974.
Who hit 715 homeruns, beating Babe Ruth's record?
What computer company was founded?
What famous 1975 movie brought fear about oceans?
What television product was introduced to the US in 1975?
The US celebrated what in 1976?
What famous rock n roll star was found dead in 1977?
This sci fi series was created in this decade
What city had a 25-hour duration blackout in 1977?
Who became Pope in 1978?
What cartoon cat debuted in
What company introduced the walkman?
What sports tv network debuted?
A gallon of __ was $.036
Ron Howard starred in this tv show broadcasted in 1974.
Vietnam invaded what country in1979?
What jewelry item became popular in the seventies?

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