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Forced Order
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'Chicken or Beef?'
'And then Chip was like hey hold up your end and then I was like you hold up yours'
'Baby crap'
'That's true love'
'Oy with the poodles already!'
'All you need is Mary Poppins floating in the corner..the worst two hours of my childhood!!'
'Purple heads will not be denied!'
'Great. We can hold hands and skip afterwards.'
'Special, like stop eating the paste special?'
'I still feel like i'm trying to win you over'
'I 4/4 don't care'
'Your like a pop up book from hell'
'I don't like ultimatums'
'You hit Taylor with a frying pan without me? I hate you'
'...a napkin and a moist towelette all in one'
'Would you stop talking about the vest?!'
'Pick that yoyo off the floor, you're going to break somebody's neck!'
'He's not Korean'
'Gorgeous Petey, Gorgeous Petey'
'I'm an escarow!'
'I think Mr. Jetlag wants to be my best friend'
'Thinking about how Vin Diesel got the name Vin Diesel..'
'1 2 cha cha cha'
'She was so annoying I wanted to put the little stick in a garbage disposal, so I exchanged her for Miguel'
'Well well well, what will we do for entertainment around here?'
'Is your scalp broken?!'
'Stop calling me digger'
'I'm going into business with Jason Stiles'
'You cannot gather here'
'Remember to check that frying oil with your face'
'I think that one's a goner miss'
'Sorry, but lamo kiss'
'Ya gotta give it a little somethin honey'
'Gotta hand full of Barbie'
'You forgot your bra in the backseat!'
'Yea it was really unspoken cause nobody spoke it'
'They have amazing communication skills'
'Call me and tell me how you like that mask'
'I didn't choose the purple wallpaper because you didn't like the purple wallpaper'
'Here, have a Rory'
'You break it, you buy it!'
'...and you take a left off the highway, ohh hot stuff!'
'I need my mommy, and damn it, I don't care who knows it!'
'I can say hey, I see that man everyday and so far he hasn't biten me'
'Let's watch Duck Soup!'
'A stupid swan!'
'Ya kiss me, tell me not to say anything, very flattering by the way..'
'My big brotha!'
'Here, hold some of these so I don't look like a pig'
'Have some tofurkey'
'Bible kiss Bible'
'Bye Lune!'
'I feel like crap on toast'
'Oh nothing at all...Butch'
'It's like having Stuart Little shoved in my ear!'
'Quick! Look at me and maybe we'll pull a Freaky Friday!'
'Can friends?'
'Two poms are pom poms, one is a pom!'
'Well he's your first second boyfriend, give it time'
'What do we do about the mattress?!'
'Snakes, snakes, snakes on a plane!'
'Lips say yes, face say no'
'Say Something!'
'Custard's fine'
'I want a solid, adult reason why the father of my grandaughter and her mother can't seem to keep a relationship'
'I love ranting Luke!'
'Hay there'
'There has to be a thousand yellow daisies'
'...we're gonna find 35 and then 45 until we find all 59! Woo!'
'That'll do pig, that'll do'
'Don't get all West Side Story on me here'
'Look at all the pretty candy!'
'You rented your house to Korn?'
'A Berkin bag for Rory'
'Welcome home Mrs. Hayden'
'I just wanted to see you happy'
'I'm a big, fat flincher!
'I'm blubbering, you freaks'
'Ooo, your being a gentleman, is that the surprise?'
'Pick spot on carpet and stare'
'I didn't know it was Duke!'
'Hey, you can pull link sausages out of me if you want'
'Hey cool hand? Try to drop the tude'
'That is your best anticdote!'
'No forts'
'I made muffin tops!'
'Wow, that's some serious Great Gatsby pining, your his Daisy'
'This here what we're doing, I'm in, I'm all in'
'I can't disappoint Taylor, he's like my father, I think he is my father'
'Dean. Bird?'
'Manners boys'
'My pants ripped...Logan''
'I love you Luke Danes, I love you!'
'Pardon the spiff, it'll just take a jiff'
'You've been Gilmored!'
'Ah so your Taylor's errand boy now'
'How many nevermore's do you think he's got left?'
'Love is in the air'
'You don't got it'
'Add that to the list, no more breathes!'

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