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Can you name the TM's and HM's in Red/Blue?

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TM01A powerful punch that inflicts damage
TM02The user powers up on one turn, then inflicts damage on the second
TM03Raises the Attack of the User by two BLT's
TM04Escapes from wild battles, has no effect in a trainer battle
TM05A powerful kick that inflicts damage
TM06The opponent is badly poisoned
TM07A one-hit-KO
TM08A powerful physical attack that may paralyze the target
TM09An attack that causes a recoil
TM10A powerful attack that causes a recoil
TM11A Water attack that may lower speed
TM12A Water attack
TM13An Ice attack that may freeze the opponent
TM14A powerful Ice attack that may freeze the opponent
TM15An extremely powerful attack that leaves the user useless the next turn
TM16An attack that scatters coins
TM17A Fighting attack that causes recoil
TM18The user attacks with twice the damage endured
TM19Damage is equal to the user's level
TM20As the user attacks, it's attack is raised
TM21An attack that restores half the damage inflicted
TM22A powerful Grass attack that must be charged the first turn
TM23Always deals 40 damage
TM24An Electric attack that may cause paralysis
TM25A powerful Electric attack that may cause paralysis
TM26A powerful attack, but has no effect on flying foes
TM27A one-hit-KO
TM28Allows for escape from a place, the user attacks on the second turn
TM29An attack that uses the mind, may lower the targets Special
TM30Escapes from wild battles
TM31The user can choose one of the foe's moves to learn
TM32Raises the user's Evasion stat for this battle
TM33The user recieves half damage from any physical attack
TM34The user absorbs damage for 2-3 turns and then releases
TM35The user performs a random move
TM36An attack that KO's the user
TM37Fires eggs at the target
TM38A powerful Fire attack that may burn the foe
TM39An attack that never misses
TM40Turn 1: Lower Head, Turn 2: Attack
TM41The user's health is restored by one half
TM42The user absorbs one half the damage dealt, the foe must be asleep
TM43An attack that requires one turn to prepare
TM44The user falls asleep to restore H.P.
TM45Paralyzes the foe
TM46A Psychic attack that ranges in damage
TM47A powerful attack that KO's the user
TM48Rocks are slung at the target
TM49Three types of powers are used at once to inflict damage
TM50Sacrifice one fourth health to create a doppleganger
HM01An attack that may be used outside of battle
HM02The user takes to the air the first turn and attacks the second, may be used outside of battle
HM03A powerful water attack, may be used outside of battle
HM04A powerful attack, may be used ouside of battle
HM05Lowers accuracy, may be used outside of battle

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