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Action of LawLawAdditional Information
Requires pharmacists to offer counseling to Medicaid patients regarding medications1990; now extended to all patients
Provides incentives to promote/research/market drugs needed for the treatment of rare diseases1976
Prohibited interstate commerce in adulterated or misbranded food, drinks, and drugs. Government pre-approval of drugs is required1906
The law enforcement agency established that would later be renamed the Food and Drug Administration1927
Defined scope of health information that may/may not be shared among health care providers without patient consent; protect patients' right to privacy1996
Drug manufacturers must provide proof of safety and effectiveness before marketing the drug1962
Requires child-proof packaging on most drugs dispensed in pharmacies. Non-child-proof containers can be used only if specifically requested1970
Allowed for extension of drug patent terms and introduction of lower-cost generics1984
Defines what drugs require a prescription; requires them to include this legend on the label: 'Rx only.'1951
Requires that new drugs must be shown to be safe before marketing1938
Classfies 5 levels of drugs that have potential for abuse and therefore restricts its distribution1970
Established that manufacturers, pharmacists, importers, and physicians prescribing narcotics should be licensed and required to pay a tax1914

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