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Homophone 1
Adjective meaning large or important 
To rub against, making a squeaking sound 
Homophone 2
Boorish or undignified 
Regretted or repented of previous actions 
Homophone 3
Display in one's aspect or appearance 
Something that can be bought or sold 
Homophone 4
Responses that show disagreement 
The tip of an object, or a sensory organ 
Homophone 5
A small wedge used in legends as a weapon to slay vampires 
A cut of meat 
Homophone 6
Divide by force into smaller parts or units 
Device that slows or stops an object in motion by increasing friction 
Homophone 7
Employ a beam of radiation to cut, usually in surgery 
Open-fields or meadows 
Homophone 8
Empty weight of a container 
Rip or rend 
Homophone 9
Have an opinion or pass judgement on 
Distinct local population of plants or animals 
Homophone 10
Something that can be perceived without connection to something else 
Clandestine, done without drawing attention 
Homophone 11
Large omnivorous mammal of the family Ursidae 
Naked or uncovered 
Homophone 12
The periodic change of the sea level 
Made a bond or connection 
Homophone 13
Flexible tube used to convey liquid 
Digs rows in soil with a handheld tool 
Homophone 14
Sporting event, such as a cross-country race 
Usually with 'out,' to measure or allot 
Homophone 15
Multiple fish eggs 
A flower from a certain bush, or a color similar to that of the flower 
Homophone 16
Rock that contains utilitarian materials 
Contraction used in poetry, often in place of 'above' 
Homophone 17
One wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum near ultraviolet 
Cheese that includes prominent active cultures 
Homophone 18
Reduce or trim, usually by cutting 
Fleshy fruit similar to an apple 
Homophone 19
Become sleepy or weary, lose strength 
Someone that makes knots 
Homophone 20
A cardinal number less than ten 
German negative answer 

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