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Can you name the English/British monarch by some words and events associated with his or her reign?

Quiz Updated Jan 31, 2014

Forced Order
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Monmouth Rebellion, Declaration of Indulgence, deposed
Anarchy, Matilda, Bristol
Glorious Revolution, Battle of the Boyne, Convention Parliament
Yorkist, 6ft 4, Duke of Clarence
Virgin Queen, Armada, Mary Queen of Scots
English Reformation, six wives, obese
Seven Years' War, Bonnie Prince Charlie
Longshanks, Hammer of the Scots
Baby, insanity, Wars of the Roses
Agincourt, Lollards, Southampton Plot
South Sea Bubble, Sir Robert Walpole, Hanover
World War II, stammer
Prince in the Tower, Duke of Gloucester, fate unknown
'Uncle of Europe,' fat, homburg
Merry Monarch, Great Fire of London, Nell Gwyn
Black Death, Black Prince, Hundred Years War
Crusades, Lionheart
1066, Domesday Book, Christmas Day
First Tudor, Lambert Simnel
Simon de Montfort, Barons' Wars, anti-Jewish decrees
Wat Tyler, Peasants' Revolt, Pontefract Castle
Beauclerc, Charter of Liberties, Robert Curthose
English Civil War, beheaded
Bosworth Field, Shakespearean villain
Abdicated, Wallis Simpson
Rufus, St Anselm, New Forest
Parliament Act, World War I
Regency, obesity, Brighton Pavilion
Bannockburn, Piers Gaveston, red hot poker
Break up of Empire, 'annus horribilis,' Princess Diana
American Revolutionary War, madness, French Revolution
Curtmantle, Thomas Becket, Eleanor of Aquitaine
Catholic, burnings, lost Calais
Empress of India, nine children, Prince Albert
Gunpowder Plot, wisest fool in Christendom, Union of the Crowns
Sailor King, abolition of slavery, Great Reform Act
Magna Carta, Lackland, excommunication
Prayer Book Rebellion, boy king, Somerset and Northumberland
Act of Union, War of the Spanish Succession
Owain Glyndwr, Bolingbroke, skin disease

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