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Desert located west of the Andes mountains.A
Strait that forms part of the boundary between Europe and AsiaB
One of the four Chinese direct-controlled municipalitiesC
Europe's second longest riverD
UK county located to the east of LondonE
City close to Baghdad that was an important centre of US operations during the Iraq War.F
Historic district of Washington DC that is home to a famous universityG
State capital of PennsylvaniaH
Longest river in PakistanI
The most populous island in the worldJ
World's third highest mountain, reaching to 8,586m above sea levelK
Second largest city in PakistanL
Country located to the north of SenegalM
Newly constructed city that replaced Rangoon as capital of Myanmar in 2005N
Capital of Burkina FasoO
Italian city in which Shakespeare's 'Taming of the Shrew' is principally setP
Mexican state on the Yucatan Peninsula that contains the resort of CancunQ
Bay in the Southern Ocean located between Victoria Land and Marie Byrd LandR
Canadian province with the capital ReginaS
Pacific island nation formerly known as the Ellice IslandsT
India's most populous stateU
Capital of LiechtensteinV
Largest city in the state of DelawareW
Chinese city near to which the Terracotta Warriors were discoveredX
River in China known locally by the name Huang HeY
Spanish city and capital of the autonomous community of AragonZ

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