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An election in which voters make a final decision about the candidate and issues is a?
If you cannot get to the polls to vote you get a what?
When you have a ballot where they punch out a hole to cast their vote what’s it called?
States want to look towards what kind of voting in the future?
Oregon was the first state to conduct an election by strictly?
In 2000 the presidential election how many votes did it take to win Florida?
Registration began in the 1800's to do what?
Each state has differnet voting?
Which voting method was used most often in 2006?
When you arrive to the polling place you check in with whom?
What kind of election do members of political parties nominate candidates?
To vote wisely what must you become?
About how many eligible voters voted last year?
Elections are never won by how many votes?
Which amendment gave African Americans citizenship?
Which amendment gave everyone the right to vote no matter what the race or color?
What amendment gave woman the right to vote and full citizenship?
Registration began when?
What letter do you use to mark your ballot?
A type of voting where they punch a card?

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