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As an orphan himself, this character desired nothing more than to help orphans world wide.
Wanting to follow in her fathers footsteps she became a spelunker before fighting in The King of Iron Fist Tournament
Discovered by Lei Wulong this character had strong ties to drug dealing while he was a cop prior to his death
A world renowned fighter, this character disapeared to train hard to increase his weight while maintaining his agility
Sitting lonely in a museum, this character gained self-awareness when the God of Fighting awoke
This character has been featured in more than 2 different fighting game series (tekken tag does not count as a seperate series to tekken)
This character is also known as the White Angel of Death
He is the youngest fighter to ever receive the 'Ozeki' ranking
He watched his sister's wedding from outside the church so that his parents would not see him
Became undisputed heavy weight champion 5 years prior to the events of Tekken 2

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