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Can you name the Street Fighter character from their background stories?

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Character BackgroundCharacter Name
Part of the U.S. military, this character has a major in Biology
Ken refuses to be the sensai to whom? Ken also offers this character the SF championship Trophy which he refuses saying he will win it himself one day.
Out of the Metro City Subway, this character use to control the Mad Gear gang prior to arriving in Street Fighter.
His parents died when he was young. He was taken in by his father's friend Tom who trained him to be the fighter he is today.
He is responsible for freeing Cammy White from Bison's mind control
Her gender is variable depending on the country you're currently in, is she post-op, a tranny, or actually female? Only Ono knows
His father was once Sagat's rival and was able to takes Sagat's eye, who is this characters son?
This character suffers from Vitiligo (loss of pigment in the skin)
A magic spell binds one of his arms forcing him to fight one-handed.
An easy one for the finish. This character covets beauty over all other things.

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