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Can you name the classic video game badguys based strictly on a small description?

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HintAnswerGame Series
In his first appearance, he transformed all citizens into inanimate objects and kidnaps the only person capable of reversing the spell
Seeking the triforce to take over the world, this character is sometimes known as the Guardian of the Desert.
With an IQ of 300, he has a foundness for machines and world domination.
Using space pirates as her army, she is attempting to reset the universe to zero
Another robots expert, this one was constantly shown up by his colleague so he decided to build a robot factory to take over the world.
Kidnapping Bubby and Bobby's girlfriends, this badguy turned the brothers into dragons
This badguys mind has been taken over by Dark Matter, Yin-Yarn, and Taranza who forced him to do evil acts
Known as the 'Embodiment of Evil' or 'Universal Cosmic Destroyer' who is this badguy?
Using a dream machine, he leads an army called the 8 bits
This character was the final boss of a character who flew too close to the sun

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