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pink princess, visual, made his own eating showbts
troll, vocal, cheekbones, beagle lineexo-m
eyeliner king, beagle line, vocalexo-k
pretty boy, dancer, perfect lipsmonsta x
maknae, dancer and vocal, has pink hairup10tion
vocal, 'mom' of their respective groupgot7
leader, vocal, likes to make fun of his membersvixx
maknae, very childish, has a solo careershinee
glasses, guitarist, from californiaday6
dancer, japanese, her mom likes 2pmtwice
emo, plays the guitar, smiles rarelyn.flying
maknae, presenter on A Song For Youb1a4
leader, 'mom' of her group, likes ironingred velvet
leader, chinese, married to nichkhun on wgmf(x)
vocal, lost of plastic surgery, drug scandal2ne1
rapper, shortest member of his respective group, teen top
leader and rapper, sexiest memberteen top
leader, rapper, puppy smilenu'est
rapper, maknae, tallest memberb.a.p
1004 angel, long hair, 'oldest maknae'seventeen
vocal and visual, dimple, one of the handsomest men in kpopinfinite
biggest but the smallest, main vocal with beautiful voiceikon
main vocal, likes to watch eating showsmamamoo
'prettiest member among his ugly members', vocal+visualblock b
'mcdonalds hair', vocal, maknae, cries oftenwinner
vocal+visual 'morning alarm', just landed his acting debutastro
featured in hyuna's 'roll deep', likes to shop, speaks english slowlybtob
vocal and dancer, tattoo above his right elbowtopp dogg
leader, rapper, short hair, 'aegyo face'aoa
vocal, part of aoa cream, nicknamed 'lion'aoa
shortest member of his respective group, powerful vocalhistory
japanese member, in the drama The Loverscross gene
precious smile, amazing vocals, hair covering his eyesbig bang
speaks fluent english, rapper, can't play charades well24k
rapper, pretty face, has many male friendssistar
tallest member, dancer,likes acting, short hairsnsd
currently @ military service, crybaby, vocalsuper junior
main vocal, former trainee at TS ent.knk

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