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Soccer: 5 most recent world cup winning countries
Tennis: 5 greatest wimbledon champions in the open era
7 wins 
6 wins 
5 wins 
3 wins 
3 wins 
Baseball: 5 teams that won the major league most often
27 wins 
10 wins 
9 wins 
7 wins 
6 wins 
Basketball: 5 top scorers of Dream Team USA in the '92 olympics
avg. 18 points per game 
avg. 14.9 points per game 
avg. 13 points per game 
avg. 12.9 points per game 
avg. 10.5 points per game 
Formula 1: Most Grand Prix victories
91 GP victories 
51 GP victories 
41 GP victories 
31 GP victories 
27 GP victories 
Running: 5 fastest men on the planet (100 meters)
9.58 sec. 
9.69 sec. 
9.72 sec. 
9.78 sec. 
9,79 sec. 
Cycling: The big 5 of the Tour de France
7 wins 
5 wins 
5 wins 
5 wins 
5 wins 
Rugby: 5 most successfull countries in the world cup
2x champions, 1x runner-up 
2x champions, 1x 3rd place 
1x Champions, 2x runner-up 
1x Champions, 1x runner-up, 2x 3rd place 
2x runner-up, 1x 3rd place 
American Football: 5 teams that never lost the superbowl
5x winner 
1x winner 
1x winner 
1x winner 
1x winner 
Boxing: 5 countries where professional boxing is forbidden
Olympics: Most gold medals in the Olympics
Swimming; 14x gold 
Gymnastics; 9x gold 
Athletics; 9x gold 
Swimming; 9x gold 
Athletics; 9x gold 

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