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100 Most Influential PeopleReligious BackgroundsTopics People Are Known For
MuhammadProphet of Islam, founded Islam
Isaac NewtonPhysicist-laws of gravity and motion
Jesus ChristFoundation of Christianity
BuddhaFounder of Buddhism
ConfuciusFounder of Confucianism
St. PaulSpread Christianity
Ts'ai LunInventor of paper
Johann GutenbergInventor of printing press
Christopher ColumbusExplorer to Americas
Albert EinsteinPhysicist, inventor
Louis PasteurScientist; pasteurization
Galileo GalileiAstronomer
AristotleGreek philosopher
MosesMajor prophet of Judaism
Charles DarwinBiologist, Evolution
Shih Huang TiChinese emperor
Augustus CaesarRoman ruler
Nicolaus CopernicusAstronomer
Antoine Laurent LavoisierFather of modern chemistry
Constantine the GreatRoman emperor who completely legalized Christianity
James WattDeveloped steam engine
Michael FaradayDiscovery of magneto-electricity
James Clerk MaxwellPhysicist; electromagnetic spectrum
Martin Luther Founder of Protestantism and Lutheranism
George Washington1st U.S. President
Karl MarxFounder of Marxism
Orville and Wilbur WrightInventors of airplane
Genghis KhanMongol conqueror
Adam SmithEconomist; philosopher
William ShakespeareFamous author
John DaltonChemist; physicist-Dalton's Law
Alexander the GreatGreek conqueror
Napoleon BonaparteFrench conqueror
100 Most Influential PeopleReligious BackgroundsTopics People Are Known For
Thomas EdisonInventor of light bulb, phonograph
Antony van LeeuwenhoekInventor of microscopes
William T.G. MortonPioneer in anesthesiology
Guglielmo MarconiInventor of radio
Adolf HitlerConqueror; led Axis Powers in WWII
PlatoFounder of Platonism
Oliver Cromwell British political and military leader
Alexander Graham BellInventor of telephone
Alexander FlemingFound use of penicillin; advances in bacteriology
John LockePhilosopher and liberal theologian
Ludwig van BeethovenComposer
Werner HeisenbergFounder of quantum mechanics
Louis DaguerreAn inventor/pioneer of photography
Simon BolivarNational hero of Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia
Rene DescartesRationalist philosopher and mathematician
MichelangeloPainter; sculptor; architect
Pope Urban IICalled for First Crusade
'Umar ibn al-KhattabSecond Caliph; expanded Muslim empire
AsokaKing of India who converted to and spread Buddhism
St. AugustineChristian theologian
William HarveyDescribed the circulation of blood
Ernest RutherfordPioneer of subatomic physics
John CalvinFounder of Calvinism
Gregor MendelMendelian genetics
Max PlanckThermodynamics
Joseph ListerDiscoverer of antiseptics which greatly reduced surgical mortality
Nikolaus August OttoCreated first four-stroke internal combustion engine
Francisco PizarroSpanish conqueror
Hernando CortesConquered Mexico for Spain
Thomas Jefferson3rd U.S. President
Queen Isabella ISpanish ruler
Joseph StalinRuler of USSR
Julius CaesarRoman emperor
William the ConquerorFoundation of modern England
100 Most Influential PeopleReligious BackgroundsTopics People Are Known For
Sigmund FreudFounded Freudian school of psychology
Edward JennerVaccination for smallpox
Wilhelm Conrad RoentgenDiscovered X-rays
Johann Sebastian BachComposer
Lao TzuFounder of Taoism
Johannes KeplerAstronomer
Enrico FermiFather of atom bomb
Leonhard EulerDifferential and integral calculus and algebra
Jean-Jacques RousseauDeistic philosopher
Nicoli MachiavelliPolitical treatise
Thomas MalthusEconomist
John F. KennedyPopular U.S President
Gregory PincusDeveloped birth-control pill
ManiFounder of Manicheanism
LeninRussian ruler
Sui Wen TiUnified China
Vasco da GamaDiscovered route from Europe to India around Cape Hood
Cyrus the GreatFounder of Persian empire
Peter the GreatMade Russia into a great European nation
Mao ZedongFounder of Maoism, Communist China
Francis BaconScientific method
Henry FordDeveloped automobile
MenciusFounder of a school of Confucianism
ZoroasterFounder of Zoroastrianism
Queen Elizabeth IBritish monarch
Mikhail GorbachevRussian ruler helped end communism
MenesCombined upper and lower Egypt
CharlemagneHoly Roman Empire created
Justinian IRoman emperor
Mahavirafounder of Jainism

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