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What Pharisee did Jesus tell to be born again?
Who caused John the Baptist to be put to death?
The five loaves and two fish fed how many people?
When the Holy Ghost descended upon Jesus after his baptism it had a shape of what?
A new commandment that Jesus gave the people was what?
For what price did Judas betray Jesus?
When the officers and priests came to arrest Jesus, what part of Maslchus' body did Peter chop off?
What Jewish holiday was taking place the week of Jesus' death?
What part of the disciples/ body did Jesus wash?
Jesus taught people in stories known as_______.
What man was stoned at Jerusalem for telling the Jews of Jesus?
What was Paul's name before he converted to Christianity?
Christians were first called 'Christians' in what city?
Paul tells the Romans that the Spirit wars against what in each of us?
In the 'love chapter'1 Corninthians 13, what three things are important?
What is the new testement Bible name for the trinty?
What island was John on when he got the Revelation from God?
What is the location of the final battle in Revelation?
In Revelation, hell is referred to most as what name?
In Revelation how many years is Satan bound and Christ's earthly reign?

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