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Who was the father of Jacob?
Who was Jacob's older twin brother?
Who was the mother of Jacob?
What did Jacob want from his brother, so that he tricked his father?
What did Jacob bring to his father before his brother?
Who was Jacob's father in law, that tricked him into taking both his daughters?
How many years did Jacob have to serve to get his wife?
What was the name of Jacob's first wife?
What was the name of Jacob's second wife?
What was the name of Jacob's first son?
What was stolen when Jacob and his people left his father in law?
When Jacob wrestled with the Lord, what part of his body was injured?
What did Jacob's brother do when they met up after years apart?
What was the name of Jacob's daughter that was defiled by Shechem?
What two sons of Jacob, killed Shechem and his people?
What name did the Lord give to Jacob?
How many sons did Jacob have?
Who was Jacob's son that was betrayed and sold to Eygpt by his brothers?
What was the one brother given that made his brothers upset?
What was done to the body of Jacob right after his death?

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