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Where did God give Moses the Commandments?
Who was a woman that was a judge?
What part of Samson's body gave him his strength?
What woman and her family were spared at the Battle of Jericho?
What two men were taken to heaven before their physical death?
What city was Jonah told to go preach to?
What kind of animal spoke to Balaam on his journey?
Who asked the Lord to make the sun stand still in battle?
Who stole idols from her own family?
What was the name of the evil king married to Jezebel?
What was the name of the eight year old king?
King Nebuchadnezzar ruled over what land?
What Hebrew man had power over the food supply in Egypt?
What did King Solomon ask God for?
What happened to Haman after he tried to kill off the Hebrews/Jews?
During the time of Elijah, what false god were the people worshiping?
What kinds of animals was David known for slaying?(two types of animals)
What was the land of the tribe of giants the Israelites fought that had six fingers and six toes on each hand and foot?
What city were the two temples of God built at?
Which of the twelve tribes of Jacob did the priesthood come from?

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